Friday, June 8, 2007

Thought of The Day 45

Why do people think that I'm stingy, although they know that I'm leaving all my assets to the Church? asked a rich man the vicar.
-Let me tell you a story of a pig and a cow, said the vicar.
-People did not like the pig meanwhile they loved the cow. This bothered the pig immensely.
-People talk about your friendly nature and big beautiful eyes, said the pig to the cow.
-They regard you as generous because you give them milk every day. But what about me? I give them bacon and ham. I produce bristle to their brushes and they use even my cloven hooves. And still nobody loves me. Why?
-Do you know what the cow answered? asked the vicar.
-The cow said:"What if they like me because I give them something while I'm still alive!"

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